Extreme Performance Meets Multifunctionality

Airloys are extreme-performance value-added materials.  When an application calls for a combination of low weight, low particulates, high thermal resistivity, and robust mechanical properties, airloys are unsurpassed.

Airloys are Strong

Airloys can be optimized for applications demanding high-compressive strength  as well as superlative impact dampening and kinetic energy absorption.  Our Airloy X60 series remains ductile at cryogenic temperatures, enabling high-performance insulating structures at ultracold temperatures.

Airloys are Structural Superinsulation

Thanks to their high-resolution porosity, high specific surface area, and low densities, airloys are among the best insulating solids known.  Combined with their high strength-to-weight ratio and robust mechanical properties, airloys enable new technological possibilities for applications demanding lightweight structures that are simultaneously insulating.

Airloys are Acoustic Superinsulators

Airloy materials are also phenomenal acoustic insulators, 100 to 1000 times better acoustic damping than common materials–ideal for dampening out high-noise environments.  Our Airloy X50 series combines these outstanding acoustic dampening properties with a high degree of translucency and optical clarity for sound-insulating window paneling.